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Newledge has taken experiential learning to a whole new level, creating engaging training experiences based on immersive and interactive scenarios that are delivered through VR, escape rooms and 360° gaming apps.

These interactive scenarios leave no one behind. In order to get through the game, players must understand and assimilate content, as they interact with and navigate through the challenges. To rejoin reality, you must succeed. To win, you must think fast.

The Cyber league platform

Click the link. Your virtual week will start in 3.2.1… 

COVID-19 has presented many new challenges, but also unique opportunities. Virtual cyber week is one that will far outlive the virus.

CyberLeague is an interactive cyber awareness training platform that facilitates and manages virtual cyber week events. The centralized platform allows employees to play VR training games, learn their way out of escape rooms, compete against co-workers for the Cyber Champion title and prize, listen to live talks, shmooze at meetups, and impress the boss.



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Our Products

At Newledge we believe the only way to learn is to experience. And the only way to experience is to get in the game. Literally. To do that, we brought real life scenarios into real world settings through VR, escape rooms, and 360 apps.

So, get up and get ready to learn, because sitting down is not an option!

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VR Experience

Don’t be a student, be a player. Immerse yourself in a mind-blowing interactive experience that initiates critical learning by stepping into a virtual reality.

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Escape Rooms

The only way out, is to learn. Take a break from your routine and step into an alternate reality to test your skills, speed and group game as you confront real challenges.

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Newledge App

You’ve never used your smartphone like this before. No need to book, schedule or plan, just click the link and enter a virtual reality. While there, all you have to do is play the game.


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